Worldly girl

 pic-girlLa ragazza del mondo (n/c 12+)

Cast Sara Serraiocco, Michele Riondino, Stefania Montorsi
Dir Marco Danieli I Int sales INTRAMOVIES I 2016 I 101 mins

A prize-winner at the 2016 Venice Film Festival, Worldly Girl is set in the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religious movement that is especially strong in Italy. Giulia (Sara Serraiocco) is a bright teenager, dedicated to a religion that requires her to preach from door to door and spread the word. Continuing her studies is not an option. Then she meets Libero (Michele Riondino), a young, working-class man who has just been released from prison. Her instinct is to offer kindness, support and a job. The feelings that develop between them bring Giulia into conflict with everything she has been taught never to challenge.

Edinburgh Sat 4 March 19.10

Glasgow Mon 13 March 18.30

Inverness Wed 15 March 20.30