Ugly, Dirty and Bad



PIC-BRUTEBrutti, sporchi e cattivi (15)


Cast Nino Manfredi, Francesco Anniballi, Ennio Antonelli, Marcella Battisti, Maria Bosco, Giselda Castrini, Francesco Crescimone

Dir Ettore Scola I Int sales Surf Films I 1976 I 115mins


Once described as a “pitch-perfect blend of hilarity and brutality”, Ugly, Dirty and Bad won Ettore Scola the Best Director prize at Cannes in 1976 and is one of his most vibrant and poignant films. Set in Rome, it focuses on an extended family living cheek by jowl in a shack close to a busy highway.

Nino Manfredi stars as Giacinto, the grizzled patriarch who receives a one million lire insurance settlement for the loss of his left eye. He is not planning to share the money but his many relatives are aiming to get their share by any means necessary. This beautiful digital restoration brings this Scola classic back into the limelight.

Edinburgh Sun 5 March 20.30

Glasgow Sun 12 March 15.30