The Ploy


pic-ployLa Macchinazione (n/c 15+)

Cast Massimo Ranieri, Libero De Rienzo, Milena Vukotic
Dir David Grieco I Int sales RAI Trade I 2016 I 100mins

David Grieco’s acclaimed, award-winning drama pulls the viewer back to the late summer of 1975 and the final months of Pier Paolo Pasolini, brilliantly played by Massimo Ranieri. A restless Pasolini is editing his most controversial film Salo and is writing a book Petrolio in which he pours scorn on the notion that the Italian Communist Party are about to gain lasting power in Italy. His relationship with a young man from a working-class suburb of Rome edges him towards danger. When the negative of Salo is stolen its sets in motion a conspiracy between criminal gangs and political masters that will eventually lead to Pasolini’s murder.

Edinburgh Wed 15 March 18.10