S is For Stanley

pic-stanlyS is For Stanley (n/c 12+)


Cast Emilio D’Alessandro, Alex Infascelli, Janette Woolmore

Dir Alex Infascelli I Int sales RAI Trade I 2016 I 80mins

Winner of the David di Donatello Award for the year’s Best Documentary, S For Stanley tells the story of Emilio D’Alessandro who spent thirty years working for Stanley Kubrick. Italian immigrant D’Alessandro was a London cabbie and aspiring Formula 1 racer in 1970 when he was hired to deliver a large package to the set of A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick hired him as a driver and handyman and welcomed him into a life where everything was done by the rules and nothing was left to chance. D’Alessandro became one of Kubrick’s most trusted associates and this is a fascinating insight into the private world of a cinema genius.

Edinburgh Mon 6 March 20.45
Dundee Sat 11 March 15.45
Glasgow Sun 12 March 20.00