pic-periclePericle il nero (n/c 15+)

Cast Riccardo Scamarcio, Marina Fois, Gigio Morra

Dir Stefano Mordini I Int sales RAI Trade I 2016 I 104mins

Riccardo Scamarcio brings a brooding intensity to a doom-laden thriller that was co-produced by the Dardenne brothers. Scamarcio plays Neapolitan exile Pericle, an implacable Mafia enforcer for one of two Italian crime families in Belgium. He seems to sleepwalk through life until the moment he kills the sister of the rival gang’s leader. On the run, he winds up on the French coast where a tentative romance with single mother Anastasia (Marina Foïs) holds out the possibility of redemption. The ghosts of his past seem impossible to escape in an atmospheric, film noir with a killer soundtrack that stretches from Nina Simone to the Strypes.

Glasgow Tue 14 March 20.15