One Kiss

pic-bacioUn bacio (n/c 15+)

Cast Rimau Ritzberger Grillo, Valentina Romani, Leonardo Pazzagli

Dir IvanCotroneo I UK distribution TLA Releasing I 2016 I 104mins


Ivan Cotroneo’s award-winning drama brings warmth, humour and real insight to the story of three teenagers struggling to be true to themselves. Gay Lorenzo (Rimau Ritzberger Grillo) has been adopted from a home in Turin and is more than a match for the prejudices of his new small-minded, small town schoolmates. Basketball star Antonio (Leonardo Pazzagli) is coming to terms with the death of his older brother and considered a bit of an oddball. Blu (Valentina Romani) has a reputation for promiscuity. Branded as outsiders, the trio forge a fragile friendship that is full of love and longing and fraught with danger.


Edinburgh Fri 10 March 20.40

Glasgow Wed 15 March 17.50