Italian Race

 pic-raceVeloce come il vento (n/c 12+)

Cast Stefano Accorsi, Matilda De Angelis, Roberta Mattei

Dir Matteo Rovere I Int sales Fandango I 2016 I 118 mins

Based on an inspirational true story, Italian Race plunges the viewer into the adrenaline-fuelled world of GT (Gran Turismo) racing. Newcomer Matilda De Angelis stars as Giulia, a teenage racer with all the promise of someone who can win championships. The need for speed grows ever more intense as she becomes the only hope of saving the family home. Building a team means relying on her brother Loris (a terrific Stefano Accorsi), a former driver turned destitute drug addict. A tale of family ties, broken lives and the possibility of redemption unfolds with powerful performances and thrilling race track scenes that were all filmed live.

Inverness Fri 10 March 20.30

Edinburgh Tue 16 March 19.10