7 Minutes

pic-77 Minuti (n/c 12+)

Cast Ottavia Piccolo, Ambra Angiolini, Cristiana Capitoni
Dir Michele Placido I Int sales Goldenheart Production 2016 I 91mins

Michele Placido’s brilliant, timely drama buzzes with energy and righteous indignation as it dramatises true events. A new owner arrives at a textile plant for discussions about its future. Fearful that this means closure and job losses, workers gather outside the gates whilst the workers’ council wait to hear their fate. Their representative is Bianca (Ottavia Piccolo). Patronised and ostracised, she returns with what seems like good news-the plant will not close if the workers agree to give up seven minutes of their lunch break each day. Is this too good to be true? Is it the right thing to do? The pressure cooker arguments unfold in an utterly compelling fashion.

Edinburgh Fri 3 March 18.15 + guest Michele Placido