pic-earsEars(N/C 12+)

Cast Daniele Parisi, Milena Vukotic, Rocco Papaleo
Dir AlessandroAronadio I Intsales Matrioska I 2016 I 90 mins

Alessandro Aronadio’s uproarious black comedy begins when a nameless man wakes up with a ringing in his ears and a note on the fridge that declares: “Your friend Luigi is dead! I’m sorry. PS: I took the car.” Who is Luigi? Who left the note and what has happened to his hearing?
Trying to figure out the answers to these questions is the beginning of an award-winning Kafkaesque romp that unfolds on the streets of Rome and is shot in shimmeringly beautiful black and white. Our hero’s quest to discover the truth forces him to question everything from his faith to his family ties, his friendships and countless aspects of an increasingly mad world.


Edinburgh Tue 7 March 18.10

Glasgow Fri 10 March 20.45